White Marlin Accessory Package



Choose the White Marlin Accessory Package if you already have all of the setups to target white marlin with naked ballyhoo on circle hooks and only need all the terminal gear, or if you need to replenish your stock for the upcoming season.TD CodeQtyRetailDescriptionMOM-00831$21.99Momoi Diamond Ball Bearing Swivel with Tournament Snap 81702MOM-01661$76.49Momoi Diamond Presentation 100yd 60lb SpoolMOM-01671$92.49Momoi Diamond Presentation 100yd 80lb SpoolEAG-0294-21$26.99Eagle Claw L2004ELF Lazer Sharp Non-Offset Black Circle Hooks (8/0)CHE-00022$3.98Challenge 50140 Yo-Yo Hand Reel 6 BlackBIR-00011$12.99TackleDirect Rubber Bands #32AFW-01681$17.99American Fishing Wire U020/01# Copper Rigging Wire 792ft 1lb SpoolJIN-01161$7.49Jinkai J050 SleeveTDA-02591$8.99TackleDirect Ballyhoo Grommets – Size 4 – 200 PackSQU-0023-21$74.99Squidnation Billfish Edition Flippy Floppy Thing (Electric Blue/Blue White)SQU-0023-51$74.99Squidnation Billfish Edition Flippy Floppy Thing (Killer Pink)JIN-01041$69.99Jinkai SC-3C Crimping ToolWGR-0001-25$9.95Water Gremlin PEG Egg Sinker 1/4 oz.
1$49.99TackleDirect New Generation Waterproof Boat BagTAY-0001-36$74.94Taylor Made White Marlin Fish FlagCUS-00044$87.8Luna Sea All Species Cush-it Silver

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